Vacation From Reality

Vacation From Reality

I’d really like a vacation soon
My co-workers burn out faster than wildfires
Clients yell they hate our guts
Before we  open our lips
My kids scream most nights
Can’t tell me why

I fantasize traveling far, far away
A distant galaxy if only I might
Yet Marge managed to escape
A life transforming trip to Bali
Hospital stay five weeks
Some rare fluke in her liver?

Pam got a virus they can’t identify
Gets up like an old crone
Falls like a drunk
Can’t play bridge
But her cussing’s intact

Wendy felt late, shot up the interstate
Got T-boned by the state troopers
Who were really nice and flew her out
Comped her rehab after all the bedbugs
But her jaw still hurts and the grandkids pissed
Never got the Christmas games

So maybe I’ll play a game myself
Story AIs are hot
You get to write the plot
Join any team – Einstein, Moses
Mao or Marilyn
I like shifting characters midway
Do it over whenever I say

I guess now I know what I want:
A vacation from reality