Vacation From Reality

Vacation From Reality

My co-workers burn out faster than wildfires
Clients yell they hate our guts
Before we even wet our lips
My kids scream most nights
Can’t say why

I fantasize traveling far, far away
A distant galaxy if only I might
Marge managed to escape
A life transforming trip to Bali
Hospital stay five weeks
A rare liver fluke?

Pam got a virus they still can’t name
Gets up like a fat old crone
Falls like a drunk
Can’t play bridge
But her cussing’s intact

Wendy felt late, shot up the interstate
Got T-boned by the  troopers
Really nice folks who flew her out
But her jaw still hurts and the grandkids pissed
Never saw their Christmas games

So maybe I’ll play a game myself
Story AIs are hot
You get to write the entire plot
Join any team – Einstein, Moses
Mao or Marilyn
You can even shift characters midway
Do it all over whenever I say

I guess now I know what I want:
A vacation from reality