Afterlife Autopsy

Afterlife Autopsy

Much safer to biopsy once you’re dead
Now they could sample my entire corpse

That twenty year lightning bolt pain in the back?
Fibrosis snagging a lumbar nerve
Always at the bathroom every night
Not my boggy prostate’s fault
A bladder cyst stuck right in the way
Ruining nights and most of the days

The doctors missed more than they found
Coronary plaques ready to rip
Dime sized lung cancer floats in a scar
A melanoma beneath my big toe’s nail
Feeding to the blood

They even got wrong what killed me:
Not the kidney tumor but a tiny stroke
Perfectly placed to foil immunity

Though formally dead
I’m virtually alive
AIs claim they can fix all the changes
Even the ill effects on my personality
Knife cut rage still marks me

But I don’t want their fix
I knew my body a lifetime
And now as I reside in the Godspace
There’s lots more time to make adjustments

You clowns missed all those diseases
Please don’t screw up the electricity, okay?