Sister From Another Planet


I’ve been so lost, so totally alone
Without a friend in this whole sad world
Forced to fantasize like its people
Who think the imaginable must be possible

The telepathic link meant near-immediate death
Discovery, dismemberment, dishonor
You take what’s left when there’s nothing to lose

She and my kind keep killing in common
Our long preferred form to communicate

When her mind showed me how she reached this planet
I declined her request to die by my hand
Sometimes it is more honorable to live
If there’s no one to witness her bravery

Could I trust a new friend who lives for my murder?
Separated from all you’ve known
Everything’s forgotten except survival

All these dragging days we scheme
Every night our hunters’ minds dream
We may need to steal half this world

And never get detected
I’m a janitor; no one sees me
And who might care about her stray cat?
One who can change in a pinch to a bat?

Boredom may kill us before we succeed
The dominant species must advance immensely
If we’ll ever make it off this rock

Yet why not help them evolve?
They’re smart enough to make good slaves
She and I know that life
What do humans say
Reversal is fair play?