The Godspace

The Godspace

Too many heavens is no heaven at all
My first visit to the Godspace
500 bodiless heads yowling for their mothers
No idea that I’d ever get out

All universes first deny then promise
More lives, more roles, more joy, more
Till all you know is wanting

It’s scary when sex lasts months, not minutes
Love’s beauty turns painful
You try and discard hundreds of souls
Conquer continents
Own suns

Air so crisp your skin burns
Colors so sharp your eyes turn skies
Touch each particle of spinning stars
All senses beyond sense

So many have now left Earth
Our everlasting escalating tragedies
Who wouldn’t prefer superreality
So potent your head explodes

But beyond you feel the Minds
Intelligences twisting, probing
Mining and refining worlds from your dreams
Gods watching you play at god

I thank the Minds for many lives beyond life but
Warn you – don’t journey into the endless
Our planet is small, tired and wrecked
Yet it is ours
There’s plenty plot left though the story feels over

Their heavens are only grains of sand