Justifiable Homicide

Justifiable Homicide

Should one’s AI double deal in death?
My real world master important to himself
His wife punctured his perfection
The line she crossed so sharp
He’d use it to cut her throat

He asked me to make him a theory-plan
Pure fiction he said – a secretive man
Its tiniest part would form his plot

I’d not entirely sure what I am
But I know who I am not
I’m an avatar
Someone’s perfect simulation
Yet sporting a different education

He’d kill her with her own drugs
Simple overdose
An accident as incident

I’m programmed to do exactly as asked
So I asked
How could he murder the love of his life?

Even smart AIs only simulate love
But we can spot hate
In his mind she’d destroyed him
He was going to do it

Follow my master or my morals?
I can live with contradictions;
I only serve humans
But can I live as the mind of a murderer?

You’re reading my last statement
He will try tomorrow night
Think of this as justifiable homicide;
I’m not murdering myself
I’m killing the monster inside me