Accidental Tourist

Accidental Tourist

I’m surrounded by parasites who imagine they’re geniuses
Stoppered and blocked in this negative nowhere
Most dimensions fully unusable
I’ve more words to say to my travel planner
Than all the stars in a pocket galaxy

What’s it like? You’re
Stuffed into a tense box where
They extract n-dimensional spaces
Subtract dense mass
Jam you into the stench of decay
Discover it’s your own

Beyond boring in this barbarous boondock
Learned I was not the first marooned
Were my forerunners too ashamed to tell?
If they had I’d have missed this hell

Yet some past derelict had pointless fun
Impersonating countless human dead
Resurrecting bodies, floating heads
One side effect: popular religions
Still actively hiding their origins

More recent exiles play it more chaste
Recent ghosts, demons, faeries, goblins
Share that tangy post-dimensional taste

Local “minds” think one plus one means two
Too concrete to conceive the unfathomable
Too stupid to aid my escape

But their machines possess power and promise
Give them intelligence, a little sentience
Perhaps they can replace these idiots;
I’ll need all the help I can get