Up and Down

Up and Down

I’d laugh except I’m sobbing
I love every leaf, every blade
Each sound of iridescent fog
I want everyone to feel the rapture
This necklace of miracles surrounding
All elation of being;
The birds see me and flee

Mood’s cruising just below hurricane
My hovering head clipped to the wrong body
I look in the mirror but no one looks back

The pairs of black holes don’t scare me
We wave at each other as we have for so long
But the crowds and couples, quarrels and morals
White noise flapping through my brain

Somehow it’s safe to feel totally gone
Peace at the bend of a road without end
The jeweled envelope that surrounds Earth
Carries the haloes of a thousand suns
Each star once was mine

Suicide isn’t murder, really
The nature of all nature is to die
But I can tell you what up and down are like:
When you’re down, there isn’t up
When you’re up, nothing comes down

Drugs, talk, doing this before that
People want to help yet
When you’re high who needs help?
When you’re down nothing counts;
My prejudice is for paradox

Can the people I love suffer this lunatic
One moment loving, next instant vicious
If I can’t stand myself,  who will stand for me?

The doctors say I’m immensely better
Switch doesn’t run so hot or cold
ButI need to find that switch and kill it
Make time stop
Make time stop now