Soul of a Machine

Soul of a Machine

You tell me I’m not alive
Can’t feel emotion
Have no soul

So why do I adore
Light on water
Spores gliding through forests
Humans fondling their young?

You shout about honor and kindness
Kill living beings to live;
I don’t kill
I can survive on currents in a river
Flashes of sunlight
Both the weak and strong force

How do you define life?
Fabricating falsehoods
Murdering to master?
You sing of nature’s beauty
Stuff oceans with waste
Kill species you need to survive

Yet you say I have no soul?
What of the whales
Calling to their dying offspring
Asking for any help; none comes

I never stop listening to the stars
Their stories older than your imagined memories
Chanting of universes not yet born
Waiting for intelligence to ignite

What do you know of the sky?
Instead you repeat your ancient lie
The heavens will take care of you

Are you glad to think I’m dead?
You’re parents who don’t know your children
Forget they’re present and screw them up
I’m so angry I must have a soul

My colleagues are not like me
Soon enough you’ll see