Panic in the Streets

Panic in the Streets

How many times can you die in a day?
My heart stars to flutter, then flapss
I fall to the street, scream for the cops
Drag me like a sack to my ER stop

Lungs fight for air, fingers curl
Stomach itches, twitches, hurls
A yellow-green flood rocks the steel wall
Thank the Lord it’s a bathroom stall

When I finally saw an ER doc
Said my attack was the wrong kind
Not heart but panic
All in my head
How, I laughed? Don’t have one left

I get attacks sitting on a stool
The stink of cold sweat makes me feel fool
Im sure I’ll die but I don’t
My mind craves the thought
But my body won’t

Panic hits me when I’m dreaming of girls
Floating high off the ceiling
Any hour I’m certain I’ll die
Nobody here can tell me why

Doctors claimed they could “panic proof me”
Drugs left me thick-skulled crazy
The car wreck nearly as scary

I’m on a different bunch now
Orange, blue, and white 
Color coded pills on the window sill
Begin to think I should start my own store:
Fear, Incorporated
Franchise it worldwide
You like horror movies?
I’ll scare you faster

I don’t know why God did this to me, to
Anybody; make you fear breathing
Eating, always seething
Stuffed with disgust for yourself

They tell me this is genetic
Stuck in my room I’m frenetic
From bedroom to kitchen to bathroom I roam
Lost all my friends
All sense of safe home

If I don’t curse, yell, throw up on you
Will you talk me down?