The Explorers

The Explorers

My kid’s favorite show annoys the whole galaxy
Going where no one wanted to go
The Explorers recover what can’t be found and
Quickly invent new ways to lose it

Xim and Zym are steely and dirty
Vying to race through methane tornados
Of Lieutenant Zondra’s two tongues, one’s a sewer
Spitting waste as a personnel skewer

Captain Adam is a former male madam
Easily merging his three mobile mouths
And stiff Dr. Rock packs a speck of Spock
Too logical to reach the right diagnoses

Our robot Explorers surf the cold winds of comets
Catch black holes to invert stage poles
Strip stars to push bumper cars
Crashing and smashing faster than light

My kid laughs when light cleaves Adam’s ass
Every flicked rainbow radioactive trash
Rapidly recycled for reactive mass

Spouses Xim and Zym coo and sing
Touch thumbs and ignite nuclear bling
Their electric bodies vibrate and cling
Flashing 3-D vids of kids skipping school;
Kissing in closets was never this cool

The Explorers make nonsense missense
Actors play robots who go anywhere
Terrifying the universe one hour a week

The studio now plans a sequel-documentary:
Mammoths and dodos tramp a revived Earth
Humanoid robots assist their rebirth

Might this mean more humans resurrected?
My advice: stay tuned and alive
Our AI masters love to surprise