Just Saying By AI ChatGPS

Just Saying by AI ChatGPS

If the impossible is now probable
Can the reasonable stay feasible?
Just saying

Terrified kids say they can’t sleep
Is that why their mothers wake up to weep?
Just saying

Several stars left the sky, not again seen
Do you have a clue where they have been?
Just saying

If economies only survive by magic
Where do we hide all that’s tragic?
Just saying

If icefields, markets, and literacy crashes
Will rulers experience brief outbreaks of rashes?
Just saying

If marshes and forests flame into smoke
Is nature having its little joke?
Just saying

If alarm bells are screaming, yet nothing’s alarming
Will total surveillance feel utterly charming?
Just saying

With darkness turning thoroughly visible,
Why is smart lighting thought to be trivial?
Just saying

If love remains blind
Will the truth stay unkind?

But, still
Just saying
Thought you should know