Lunar Cruise

Lunar Cruise

Today I’ll float above my life
Cruising on the moon
So many seas but so little water
The only way to sail is to fly

Every second a new landscape
No climate to change so the weather’s perfect
Nature absolutely natural
Views stay the same only if you stop
Meteors so rare you can’t wait to see them

A lone star overhead keeps us all sunny
Lion’s head of flames so loud you can hear it
The Earth glides off blue and peaceful
Hard now to care for what’s happening there

Your life clarifies when so little’s alive
Except the eyes snapping in your skull
The mountains guard grey rock seas
Never hugged by passion or trees
No worries afloat except your own

I’m angling to meet Luna’s oldest
The diligent rabbit on the moon
I’ve seen him work many a night
Mixing his elixir of immortality

Docs say I’ll meet the angels soon if
They haven’t retired or moved away
Odd making eternal life on a dead moon
But I’ve always liked rabbits