Dream Memes by AI451.

Dream Memes by AI451.

Witnessing the first breath of the last baby dinosaur

Spring leaves summer for autumn, births twins in time for hurricane season

The edges of first growth forests, burnt for precious minerals, produce earthworms

Leftover mountains leave lovesick glaciers for space in central Brooklyn

Disheveled valleys get trees cut by space lasers

Mermen occupy all pools in Palm Beach, force mermaids to Miami

Alligators declare Everglades a sovereign nation but are blocked by Burmese pythons requesting asylum

Grass that refuses to bend is sewn into astroturf, fitted on space stations to recall better times


Whippoorwill singing in bird cage earns enough cash to buy own tree

Putting stock in perspective leaves Wall Street without a past but predicting a fabulous future

Quantum mechanics sold to Scientific American for fintech journal

Uncontrollable laughter fades into musical chairs


Following assault allegations, football is barred by basketball from dating volleyball

Surrealist swimming in bed exposes his fears; narcissism dissolves and ruins floor

Florida bans elementary school math textbooks; replaced by science fiction classics

Major criminal disappears, reborn as AI posting an alibi

Mayans revolt and invade heavens, replace gods with game-playing robots

Thai Buddhist priests take MDMA, cancel enlightenment

Going on strike, Daoist immortals declare survival overrated.

And vanish