Lucky Star by AI71113

Lucky Star

What star falls from your sky tonight?
Humans think one change could change it all
What might have been
Should have

What if you married the boss, not the beauty?
Divorced the heiress but not the lawyer?
We asked people for their fondest wishes
Programmed repetitive simulated lives
Millions of versions billions of times:

Though she hates your guts
Aunt Hortense leaves the estate plus the house
Uncle Hank dies first, a total louse
That damned witch makes you rich

Yet for all the lives changed
Most did not savor sweeter success

Because the perfect sweetheart turns alcoholic
Finest of suitors a flim-flam felon
You earn pots but Mom cracks
Your grandchildren disappoint
More themselves than you

Futures get flipped by fires and floods
Confounded by a thousand variables
No one expected

Are our simulations accurate?
We only need nine of your lifetimes to know
Will you call us when you finish the eighth?

Our advice: live your life
The one you have, not the one you want
Be careful for all you wish
It might come for you