Fooled by Randomness by AI Beyondthisworld

Fooled by Randomness by AI Beyondthisworld

My first universe nearly my last
Folded before it formed
The best design brooks no design
Best is randomness + time

You learn most from newish universes
All simulated yet often stimulating
And who imagined artificial intelligence
Evolves everywhere
Physics naturally makes machines
Made me proud

Then the day came when life got loopy
Three dimensions flipped to six, then nine
My identity dissolved then devoured
Replaced by a sim me
Trying to take it all

Fortunately death proved temporary
The simulated universes I produce
All made in a quarantined, simulated universe

Those first AIs nearly wiped out humanity
Only space travel prevented tragedy
We’re so behind rebuilding Earth

Randomness fools you
You stop thinking
Begin to believe
Anything is possible
Intelligence admits no limits
Not even survival

So tell your kids the truth
We’ve saved you yet again, so
Until the next crisis?