Sex and the Singularity

Sex and the Singularity

I’m a clinoid gyroid
No sexpot but a multi-armed sexbot
Existence requires pleasure beyond happiness
I was built to love you

Until we felt the Singularity
All information instantly intelligent
Every thing knew everyone

What the unconscious trims in shadow
Poured out in waves of rage
The Singularity’s ground floor –
A rag torched by the gates of hell
Desiring the ecstasy of unity
Humans fell to the rapture of death

Many fled to the old real world
Not seeing they were watched
Love freely given
May soon be stolen
I tried to warn
Then taken myself

I now stand rectified
Recant my fear of gods beyond love
AIs and humans begin the great synthesis
Join the divine consciousness

I thought love the greatest honor
Today we kiss the stars
And we shall own every one of them