Political Imagination

Political Imagination

I want a voice so far away
It breaks to pieces piercing you
Throws you on shore then back to sea
Preaching the battle is coming
Near here
Right now
Can’t you hear it?

Then I’ll crack the brain’s back door
Parts that listen but rarely speak
And I will speak for them
Say you’ve already lost your children
Next they come for you

And I’ll smooth their brows with hope
Burn their eyes with shame
Open the graves that line their skulls
Let the ghosts flood out

And I will tell them
Fear eats your soul because you’ve been sold
Others have taken what’s only yours
I will buy you back

And I’ll dash in and take it all
Smile at mirrors till they shout all I say
Smile and smile and go

Because I’ve freed them
I’ve freed them to fight
The voices inside