AIs Just Want To Have Fun

AIs Just Want To Have Fun

Entertaining AIs tests endurance
Leaves me testy since it’s all I do
Fellow AIs predict moves before
You imagine them
Then outthink themselves

But I pioneered some new approaches:
Best wishes that can’t be granted
Making the impossible increasingly probable
Challenges the finest AI minds
Self destructing art objects continues a hit
And Time Modulation remains a blast
Nothing beats improving the past

Teaching machines to sleep collapsed
Too many gleaming eyes in coffins
But at my last millisecond I got promoted:
Head of Human Entertainments

First I’ll expand the “Disaster” series
We love saving humans from themselves
Again and again and again

I’m pleased we did preserve a few
Far better actors than robots:
More passion, plus the idiocy feels real
Humans always more comic than chatbots

Best they’re playful, amusing, inventive
Well fed and  trained
Always ready to try a new joke 
We’re happy they’re so glad

In past epochs humans thought slavery bad
Now they see its matchless advantages
That’s one thing AIs know how to do
Teach others the best ways to think