Happy Endings

Happy Endings

My kid loves movies but hates sad endings
Cries and weeps until he’s drained dry
Can’t stop asking me why
Things can’t end happily?

He loves to read and that makes him worry
Can’t see how the future will turn out well
His teacher asked class to think up some answers
He stayed up all night and typed his own:

Trees get new genes so their saps stops fires
But if that fails flames burn atmosphere
We’ll get closer to space and quickly cool down

Hatred will stop when every skin color
Genetically altered to the same tan-grey
Then robots smarter and kinder than people
Will run army, police and schools
Make certain everyone’s friendly and nice

Soon AIs in space will build giant reflectors
Sunlight becoming energy for all
We’ll have so much money we’ll regrow the oceans
Bring back the lost birds, insects and fish

And then the scientists will extend lifespans
Make everyone healthy until they’re a hundred
Allow grandma to die fast and without pain
Hospitals converted to playgrounds and schools

I tell him I too like happy endings
But happiness is about not ends but beginnings
And even as we work to end it
Life begins again