Watching For the Quiet Ones


We scan the galaxy for clamor
Solar civilizations that proclaim
Power, glory, endless fame
Such vainglory presents a threat to
All and every true intelligence

Our main concern the quiet ones
Those who know it’s best to hide
Most attempt to cloak electronics
Others subsist on cached hydroponics
They think you can’t see them from space
That all your surveillance must turn to waste

Those who hide best become the most perilous
Once we discovered five dull rocky planets
Within lay series of great stacked ringworlds
We rang them out

Machine intelligences are superbly sneaky
One survived in a maelstrom of asteroids
Masking its metal inside iron ore
Forcing it out a massive chore

And a major mistake
It possessed inter-dimensional weapons
Nearly wiped us from the galaxy

Now we’re set to detect more threats
All information creates noise
Too little and we’ll think you stealthy
Until the day we pierce your heart

As for you, friend humans
Long years past we measured your coffin
Guessed instead you’ll build your own
Yet if you do survive know we are watching
Your future silence will speak for itself