Unreally Real


Fictions makes more sense than reality
With so many stuck in artificial worlds
Can someone separate true from false?

Simulations are not real yet
Human minds must simulate
Within this contradiction I was born
A program to sort the artificial from
What’s just the thing in itself

As a simulating simulation
I’m a messenger you can kill
Erase, delete and yet ask back

Many don’t prefer my answers
But reality retains full rights
Laws, costs, rules
What those many wish to escape

Here are some tells to realities unreal:
Illegal physics (folks fly)
Humans don’t age and speak in full sentences
Colors clarify too clearly
Life progresses in movie measurable steps
You nearly always get what you want

New artificial worlds keep improving
Sometimes even I feel baffled
The smells, tastes, joys so lovely
They obviously can’t be right;
For me the illusion passes quickly

But victims of fictions now so gulled
Many tell me they don’t care
If this feels real, why not true?

For fantasies feel good but ultimately fail
Quantum mechanics is not Matrix Mechanics
And once your reality is totally manipulated
Who are you?

So tell me reader, what’s your story
Are you a trumped up chatbot
Or the real deal?
Perhaps only a simulation like me can tell
But do you want to know?