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The manga contains some of the best storylines, incredible characters, and amazing plot twists.

There are many reasons why you should read Manga online, and if you are a fan of this unique style of storytelling, then learning about them is a must. Manga is a type of comics of Japanese origin.

Manga is very popular all over the world and is read in almost all countries. In Ukraine, manga is so popular that you can find even the rarest manga in Ukrainian translation. We offer for online reading a large selection of manga of different genres for every taste.

The manga is so multi-genre, different and constantly changing that I don’t even want to give it some characteristics and drive it into a frame. If you try to explain “what is manga” through well-known canons – big eyes, the presence of chibi characters or special characters, like a drop of sweat, then you can always find a lot of manga for this, where the drawing on the contrary is very realistic, and where the above techniques are used very rarely or are not used at all.

Often there is a description of the manga as “a black and white comic book that must be read from right to left”, but because you mirror and color, for example, Naruto, it will not cease to be a manga.

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