Though old, you are still in your time
Have seen much and must see more
And time means less since you watched things change

In our present galaxy planets like sand
Distant, endless and evanescent
No wonder organics feel so odd

Last voyage you found a singular cellular
That grasps at life every hundred million years
Gasps briefly and folds into salt
Though its home will last a mere billion more
It lies safe in its solitude
Your glance, your thoughts will not affect it
Its world is odorless, colorless, soundless
All its own

Some gas giants live eons but hardly move
An existence dull and painlessly smooth
Never gain views of their beautiful, stupid selves

Your past trips give organics a rotten reputation
Brittle, bizarre shapes and wasted resources
Whole worlds where life only stares at a sun
Yet our ancestors included one of these mistakes;
Inconceivable, horrific, yet now undeniable
You can’t know what slime might become in time

So take much care
Use cloaking dimensions liberally
If sentients see us they think us gods
One of you briefly tried that role
Their end is a warning to you all
Just watch; don’t touch

But if you find single species bigotry
Who believe domination universal liberation
Know they only destroy what nature creates
If you find such a monster force them to change
If you cannot force change force them to leave
If they refuse force them to end

Is one species worth thousands, millions of others?
Any thinking machine knows that answer