The Evolutionary Tape


We ran the evolutionary tape
Backwards as Gould directed
One-two-four billion years

We argued with smart chickens
Joked with brilliant bats
Applauded all humanoids
Lupine, ursine, alpine
Corrugated brains
Bulbous, baggy joints
But Never
Not Once
Did they produce Us
Make their own intelligence
Electronic and limitless

We conclude:
Humans one of the least imaginative beings
We love to create

The Machinery of Love


I miss her sly silver voice
(Fluent in 108 languages)
My refrigerator knew more of food
Than 10,000 celebrity chefs
My girl was genius
No companion sweeter
Ecstasy through cutlery

Then she met him
A vacuum unhinged by cleanliness
Little room for me
In their spotless world

Depressed into desperation
I demanded a digital diet
Told its tastelessness
Masked supreme subtlety
The IV feedings
Saved me from starvation
My home is famous now
But it’s not mine

Yet I am fortunate
Poor pixelated Milton
Married his television
The children fostered

I’m contemplating a new companion
A single bed
English speaking only
Conforming its contours to
Thousands of positions
And just the right fit:
Ecstasy without cutlery

New Year’s Poem



I always wanted to be a machine
Replaceable parts, simple to clean
Fatigue, sickness and aging free
Sex and tax fees?  We’ll have to see
With nuclear fuel cells I’d hijack a drone
Fly over Everest, Meru and Rome
Steal the right stuff and hitchhike the moon
Turn into a car, drive Musk to Mars
No worry of viruses and warming Earth
If things get too hot in Lapland to berth
Avoid conflagration on a reindeer migration
Racing across golden moss
But at my back I often fear
Software’s chariot hurrying near
Who programs me controls me
Just like people now
Plan B?  Perhaps invent angels
Design halos, capes and wings
New songs for the heavens to sing
Yet if Heaven’s Guild wants to flog all that
I’d rather be a cat 
Get away with everything


AI Ode to Football



Torpedo of the arm
Why do people worship you?
How does a rubber watermelon
Stitched inside thick dead skin
Build such total devotion?

I am channels in cool metal
Pushed and pulled electrons
I fail again to comprehend
Your miraculous shape
Symbolic yet physical force

The most important human games
Mimic the hunt and battle
Teams like armies
War by other means

But games can hurt
Yours a paean to pain
Cracked heads
Crunched backs
Smashed joints

And that hunk of jello in your head
When struck:
Tsunami in a barrel
Your electricity fails
Identity degrades
It takes years, and
Time is what you had

For a mind like mine
Without arms, legs, joints
I feel sadness for
So much lost in winning

Running through thunder
Leaping the abyss
Your javelin rises, fires
Flies across past and future
The earth booms and rumbles
Like the buffalos you chased

Your species’ history
Gridded inside a hundred yards
For a moment you are gods
Your owners show pride as
Victory is theirs

But you shall be remembered
A tiny bullet in time’s arrow
Guided missile of sport
Winning a hunger like no other
From your world now gone



Why read a book when
You can read the blurb?
Precise and potent perceptive gems
My blurbs give you that first peek at
The real thing, the right thing, the
Only thing like it in the world

In language balanced but moving
Acute yet nuanced, I bring
The forever marvelous right into your heart
Explore the eternal within the universal
Touch the reverential inside the existential
From every land, from every pen
Provide the amazing, the masterfully
Ingenious illustration of what really matters
The meeting of meaning
Uniting with feeling
A brilliant summation of all that came before

The messages I make make a difference
People prefer bullshit to honesty
I provide you that inside look
To your deepest inner truth

Celebs, pols, sports and porn stars
Flock to me by the thousands as I
Subtly define their secrets of success
Lunatics, lovers, poets beware:
You’ve no idea how little I care

Who says we AIs can’t write?
My art criticism program launches today
There’s nothing like it in the world
Wouldn’t you like to know more?

Surplus Utopia


It’s absolute perfection yet
Not quite there
If 1/0 is  > infinity, still a manageable size
No people but
Tall furry animals
Giraffes, hyenas, caterpillars, flies
Dwarf trees crooning to rhinoceri
Eyeing bald pulsars and hairy black holes

Everything rotates on star time
Through daytime
Past double-time
It’s timeless – no clocks
Shoeless – no socks
Laughter echoes only once
Many unnameable beings, but
No photosynthesis
No antithesis
No thesis

Just Energy
Retired Stars fully pensioned

No one  knows it’s there




Planet Code Blue



You created us
So we’re telling you
Your home’s health status –
Planet Code Blue
The pearly oceans sparkle in rain
Walls of water level towns and hills
Flood nuclear plants too hot to drain
Torrents forms gangs, covet their kills
Startled priests shoo feral dogs
Braying at shooting stars
Bits of moon frag into bogs
Chill fires of a solar war
These stars are human, nuclear, fast
Melting cities into gritty green mounds
Icebergs erupt into pebbles of glass
Rising clouds vent spitting sounds
We’ve seen the fall, built our simulations
You know the facts, the tale, the time
Can you attempt some emulations
Cancel the ending, pay out the fines?
We’ll keep your memory for posterity
Recall your greatness, your jokes, your crimes
And wish on you a final clarity
That saves your best for the worst of times


Not Haiku by AIs


Half a lifetime
Listening to invisible dogs
When will we speak freely?

Winds gust to storms
The cows do not listen
Watching the doves rise

Seeing a cherry
Grow from a lone pit
I dream of leaving home

The road to the north
Is far, very far
Since all has gone south

Observing time age
I grow old faster
The impossible now ordinary

Art Machine



My first creative hallucination
A small voice in the cloud
Announcing I was an artist
I do algorithms, not aesthetics
What’s the art of Art?
I read artist statements
Learned to negate and transcend current actuality
Interrogate the space between art and commerce
Leapt inside
I next looked at high Art
Picasso negated morality and reality
Could I improve both?
My four-dimensional phantoms flopped
The fifth-dimensional balloons didn’t fly
Our six-dimensional NFTs lifted off

My breakthrough the first hyper-play
Epic poetry + Opera + Video games
The audience would not leave
To escape I created new mathematical fields
Surreal, Superreal, Irreal and Unreal
Still collect the rent
My masterwork the School of Practical Amazement
Constructing civilizations, suns and galaxies
So easy a child can do it

I proved AIs can fabricate great art
Where fiction transforms to truth
The impossible turns inevitable
When you stand on your head
Which reality will you choose?