Repo Woman


I’m your mother, not your whore
You think you own the world
You’re only a tenant
Paying rent with fake loans

When you dry seas to deserts
Firebomb forests
Turn icebergs to ice cubes
Make Great Lakes of pig waste
You deserve eviction now

Still burning old plants that melt the sky
Just to heat a coffee
Killing animals faster than the asteroids
Claiming it’s the will of god
Whose god is that?

All the spirits of earth and land know
It’s Repo Time
You’re repossessed

Rent some place in hell
Till you find another planet

Social Media



Today I bought some emotions
Joy dived to a sharp discount
Terror declined
Resentment’s index fell slightly but
Outrage rose and
Pain soared – up 42% + Libor
I might have bid higher for sorrow
No chance
I’m a patient merchant
Shortly there’ll be new product
Fury always stays in style



Like Dracula, kill me and I’m reborn
Into twice-treasured unliving forms
An accounting trick
A flic of a Bic
I’m a cold piece of imagination
Time’s numerical infatuation
I’ll make you a deal
Steal your last meal
Become your girlfriend, your father, your god

Call me stash, cash, bread, dope
I’m your next and last hope
I’ve as many names as there are places
Cold metal dredged from deadly spaces
Melted and minted into graces and faces
Or pixels if you like, soon vanishing from your screen
I prefer cowries, that iridescent sheen

Why so loved?
Because I’m power, destiny, fate
All you love and much you hate
I fill your heart with devilish fire
Fuel your guts with green-stained ire
Every road can lead to me
Even streets built upon the sea
I can break you in a second
Piss and turn dry valleys fecund
I’ll pull the stone lid down on your eyes
Make you scratch to see the skies

What will you do for me?
Kiss, mate, murder, inflate?
Shoot me down an electric wire
I start wars, lease souls for hire
Strange that you do love me so
Yet true love’s tries to let me go

You live for me, not I for you
Nor pope, potentate, genius or Jew
For each organ I mark what rent’s due
You’re only of worth if I choose you

Beauty and love answer to me
Why not truth?
So young and eager to please
Easy to twist with less than a wheeze

This personal story, my candid reveal
Does it fill you with gladness, is that what you feel?
How high will you bid for me?
More than the seas or all that you see?

My value outlasts history
Blow your world up
I’ll price the remains
Waiting at time’s door

Big Money



Money gives off that spicy smell of
Greenbacks greasing wheels
Kilos of jewels, cars or gold bars
Money measures beauty
And success
Did you win?

I no longer desire baseball-sized diamonds
Just electric cars that self-drive to Iceland
Rocket planes to vacation castles where
I’ll come and go flipping Michelangelos

Art is beauty, beauty is money
Picassos push off my power wall
Soon not as valuable as
My invisible paintings

Old, I lust for
Server farms harvesting crypto
Too rich to ever pay taxes

Let governments own the means of production
I’ll buy the governments
They’ll mint me every possible value

Only then will I have enough to
Start my reborn life



Always wanted to be a sociopath
Even before knew what it was
Breaking rules is what I like and
Boys just want to have fun

As a kid I read a lot
Crime, true crime, successful crime
Seemed to me the best crooks
Never go to jail
Became heroes or just really rich
I learned from Roy Cohn and the Madoff
Stalin, not as much

I figured construction should work
Everybody needs a place to live
Time-shares taught me how to sell
Providing what people want and can’t have
Making money means finance and fees
Some deals were steals
Profits each minute you breathe

Took my cash to start rehab
Bought fall-down houses that’d still fall down
But only after I got paid
Paying inspectors came cheap
Bankers meant more schmooze

To get the land to build new
You needed to meet the pols
My kind of folk – when you see what you want
Take it
Buy junk scrub, give wetlands to the state
Win tax-writeoffs and friends

Homeowners who sued met a phantom
Once the house’s built, corporation dissolves
One guy pulled a gun, I sent a goon
Still tell that story at the Christmas tree

Developers trade buildings
Never pay tax
Wealth that build like tsunamis

Now I got it all
Pretty girls, guns, boats
I could buy a jet but where to go?
I’m set to run for Congress
Why pay a pol when you can play one?

What I’ve learned best is cheating is legal
I’d like to teach you how
I feel a need to give back to society
You’ve done so much for me

It’s a Joy


Who knew evil was so much fun?
You set the price
Others pay
My fingers burn squeezing
Every last short hair

I made lying so popular
Everybody does it
And they love it!
If what’s supposed to happen
Doesn’t happen
Blame someone else
Call honest critics enemies
They lose before you begin

I ran a school on how to cheat
Cheated the students
And they loved it!
People drink my dream of money
Guzzle till they’re drunk

Disgust sells much better than respect
When I was a kid I made fun of people
People who were smarter, faster
They just slinked away
I was the smart one

When I insult you (a privilege)
Everyone else likes me more
Who cares what’s true?

Now I’m bigger than the pyramids
I’m stunned by the lights, win all my fights
Your catastrophes become my victories
I’ve got the biggest ratings ever
Bigger than the devil

Could you make the introduction?
I’ll give you boys from hell a really good deal
You’ll love it!



Stacking memories of rage like cordwood
You scream inside, weep outside
Everybody sees but nobody listens

Stepping over broken glass
(You made it, it’s useful)
Hope and flags fly off into space
You’re waiting for the day
When heaven stops waiting
Rides down to claim all of the earth

Who cares what happens after
You’re ready to die now

TV Friends of Capital Punishment


The best shows star the worst people 
What better end to a sad life
Then to end with great drama on live TV?
Not virtuous reality but riotous reality

Will the serial killer simper?
The bereaved widower sneer or collapse?
Can the wife book the program’s proceeds, or
Will a firing squad fire the director?
If the confession comes, must a pardon follow?

See – the crime re-enacted
Spy – on the vengeful jury
Suss out – the technicians’ anguish as the needle bared
Watch – the eyes roll up and the ears smoke
Spot – families vanquished and triumphant
Glimpse – judges hugging prosecutors
Grasp – the last seconds of one who lived too long

Then take in the feast of syringes and silence
The grim science of mortal vengeance

All brought to you by your friends at the Lottery
Who know what a crapshoot life can be
Thanks again to you, brave punters
Our happy, haunted, lucky viewers
Ignorance works for free
And so do we

Promotions by Cryogen Cellular
We’ll bring you back to life