I prayed as a child to God and my country

But my village stank of wet coal and rank fat

Rivers and mountains don’t wish to get owned

And God never heard my father’s screams

Father’s fall made me a son of the nation

I lived and breathed to serve the people

But the people serve themselves

Dream of love and lust to hate

Leaders fine when they feel safe

I slaved to make them rich and happy

Yet the rich are never happy

Only the happy ever rich

The poor angry, resentful, suspicious

Proud in their pain 

Barely a hand got raised in thanks

Nature understands

What lasts wins

My daddy lost

I never will 

I build towers where they live as ants

Once on ground glance up like dogs

Whimper, whine, and growl 

Moan with joy when I scratch their necks

When they jump in your lap some playfulness

Even mischief

May prove acceptable

Just not too much

If they fight I allow metered breaths

One thousand, ten thousand, never more

Let them count each one till the end

Sometimes you must make the light stop

People hate the dark 

When I command they have to, want to

Circle and jump and wag their tails

They finally realize who they are

Know precisely what I am

Soon I direct their next success

They remain my burden; only I see  

They’re hardly worth the air I breathe