It’s All Too Much

It's All Too Much

Even without water it’s too hot to swim
The lake house falls into speckled mud
My electric car speaks English well
But refuses to start, saying
Not safe to leave

Ever get plastic wrap shot up your nose?
That’s how I take my first breath every day
Crazies, kooks and crooks
Running the world and running amok
My best friends tell me not to look
I can’t stop

I just want to live my life
Work, raise kids, chance a
Random vacation somewhere secure
I thought a strong leader would help
He helped himself

Probably too late to fix this mess
But I think there’s a way out:

I know leaders when I talk to them
And it’s great talking to AIs
Let them take over
They’ve got to do a better job
Didn’t we build them to get smarter than us?