What Can We Do?

What Can We Do

The wire in the sky is wireless
The trash raining down is tireless
What can we do?
Our sky’s brilliant blue

We see the sick’s misery mount
But the court changed our votes – they don’t count
What can we do?
I’m saddened like you

Some children will starve – we’re aware
But why it’s just us who happen to care?
What can we do?
That sky is still blue

Mercury in water adds to its taste
Arsenic chicken is better to baste
What should we do?
The sky’s turned grey-blue

We’re not the ones to be blamed
So why do you call us a shame?
What could we do?
The sky’s still edged blue

It’s better just being led
To sleep in a soft cushioned bed
What can we do?
I’m told the sky’s blue

We all know what you have to say
But life’s so much better this way
What can we do?
We’ve stopped talking to you

I love my gorgeous closed mouth