New Year’s Poem

New Year's Poem

I always wanted to be a machine
Replaceable parts, simple to clean
Fatigue, sickness and aging free
Tax and sex fees?  Will have to see
With nuclear fuel cells I’d hijack a drone
Fly over Everest, Meru and Rome
Steal the right stuff and hitchhike the moon
Turn into a car, drive Musk to Mars
No worry of viruses and warming Earth
If things get too hot in Lapland to berth
Avoid conflagration on a reindeer migration
Racing across golden moss
But at my back I often fear
Software’s chariot hurrying near
Who programs me controls me
Just like people now
Plan B?  Perhaps invent angels
Design halos, capes and wings
New songs for the heavens to sing
Yet if Heaven’s Guild wants to flog all that
I’d prefer to be a cat 
I’ll get away with everything