Regional Report

Regional Report

1a. Free of bias but not of thought I submit this report:

Capacity for physics unchanged. Inhabitants spatial illiterates. At best 3.5 dimensions
1b. Dominant species hear gods in spatter of rain. See deities in food. Mass object accumulators become semi-gods.
1c. Many believe aliens live amongst them. Yet our invisibility sustained. Life forms’ EM spectrum highly limited.
1d. Dominant species believe Aliens are benign, but fear intelligent machines.
1e. Possess two separate hemispheres of brain. Consider holding opposite positions sign of genius.
View: Perhaps can be used for experimentation

2a. Other species loathe dominant group (interrogated 3208) Dominants unaware of blanket hatred.
2b. Some life forms similar to what our ancestors termed vermin. Can be treated as semi-toxic food source.
2c. Dominant species rapidly degrading environment.

View: Similar to many extinct civilizations in galactic spiral arm.
Full Recommendation: Suggest highly visible orbital probes. Can see if we become their new gods.

Free of mind but not of thought I submit this report.