2000 AD

2000 AD

We are all sad, my captain
The planet is serene and beautiful
Possessed myriad species, one quite advanced
Yet its signal an artifact, that and no more

That blue green hue comes from algal seas
Radioactive resistant, fluorescing in sun
Life on land mindless inverterbrates
Investing endless ruins

Yes, they were space faring
Hive cities, most close to oceans
The signal allows us to define their demise
Radioactive timer set at 2000 sun circuits
Broadcasting the speeches of one Enver Hoxha
A local crime boss from what we can tell
Concrete hut-fortresses litter his land

We don’t know why he sent this late signal
Your disappointment cannot exceed mine
This our thirtieth Self-Destruct world
Perhaps machine life is the best way forward

Astroarcheology already en route
The mourning team coming as well
We may learn from these fools
Perhaps just enough to keep life alive