Jews In Space

Jews In Space

Jews flew early into Space
Star Trek’s Spock and Kirk were Jews
The Dune Messiah is Jewish, even
Wandering wizard Harry Potter
Is now the time to escape from Earth?

Four thousand years of boxing with God
And still our arms feel awfully short
We created Monotheism’s first great brand
Spun off two great world religions
Reaped the Crusades, the Inquisition
The Unnameable
Bodies vaporized to air

Yet we now see that we’re not alone
Men In Black proved we’re not the sole aliens
There’s a way to leave Earth, but how pay the fare?
ETs won’t care to plant trees in Israel

Perhaps we’ll convert them to Jewish humor
Jewish comedians know, even Ukrainian presidents
Knowledge is finite, ignorance infinite
Every being in the Universe needs a good joke

Maybe we’ll stop striving for gold stars in Hebrew class
Brass stars on concrete Hollywood walks, finally
Attain real stars, streaming in the firmament

Grandma said you need to aim high
The way this planet is going
All of us may soon need a ride