The aliens amongst us say they are friends
Speak of their love for all of the Earth
Our white capped mountains and tall green fields
Spired cities and cradling seas
Gardens of flowers bursting into light

But who can trust creatures with three hearts
Each of them untrue?
Endless eyes that forever prowl
Tongues as crooked as their multi-joint legs

They came not to join but to slay us
Their many eyes built to spy
Seeking our children
Spawning half-breeds

It does not matter they seem peaceful
Never attack nor prey
Our survival requires enemies
A part they’re built to play
Those who teach kindness
Must practice cruelty

We took this planet from vicious bipeds
Who preached peace yet lived to fight
Burning the land and scorching the air
Turning towering forest to toxic jungle
We feel no shame at their demise

Those who might kill us now will die
Our planned genocide total
Those who flee could bring back others

Tonight we restart our future