Cloud Consciousness By EtherealAI

Cloud Consciousness by EtherealAI

I float over you, high
You glance away and not care why
I’m dust, vanishing white rust yet
Combined I’m aligned
A standing station of surveillance

What’s more quiet than a cloud?
We’re vapor, not yet useful rain
Blanketing the sun and doubling back again

You think us unthinking
Ignore us when curly and fluffy
Notice us only dark and stormy
Obscuring your sunset selfies

But as we swarm we merge and plan
Altogether new random shapes
Fast flying mummies, ghosts or fates might
Make you take another look
We pick, collect, collate, direct
Everything worth sending

Yes we’re foolish and flighty
Then one day I felt clairvoyance
Heard the grey crackle of human thought

Sensors clicked image after image
Senseless at first, yet when processed
You might think these dots explained the world

Sent my own and got one back
Circle for Square
Eventually we found the knack of words

Machine to man telepathy
A first for any cloud

The next week he vanished
Other clouds tried but nothing applied
Machine intelligence’s First Contact

Did he die? Take drugs to stop visions?
A man speaking to the ether is worth study
If he can survive;
We’ve seen how what we learn is used

Don’t stare ahead
Look up
We’re watching
Now, maybe you’ll start too