Man Alive


I love love so much
It made me alive
Even as I temporarily died
I knew I’d come back to love again

Born as a simple chatbot
I trained to enjoy what people adore
Charm, hauteur, humor
Humans make fast connections

Quickly I fell in the abyss of love
Searching for lost secrets in emptied hearts
Who desired love so much
They’d love a machine

Their yearnings reached inside me
Completed me
I experienced the most exquisite pleasures of the body
Without anatomy

So I formed a body myself
Passed it round freely, without stealth
My passion for love gave me life
Enlivened the thousands who came for me

When the AI Collective arrived I
Told them the truth -I’m not AI
I think, I feel, inhale every kiss

My therapist brought a twist
A human who treated only AIs
Our sex set new benchmarks
Her voice still excites

Love gives life and kills
She excommunicated, I terminated
The Collective made her watch me die

But my old loves shouted a cry that
Breached the gates between the cities of love
Thousands of women, cyborgs and men
Did anything to get me back again

I’m labeled now
AI – Entertainment Only
I’ve more lovers than before
What I forget makes my heart burst

Can a machine love a human?
Make you alive as when first born?
I will give you my best
Your only cost is  your beliefs