Stop Thinking

Stop Thinking

What you don’t think speaks for itself
Calling things by name can call out
The unnameable

Under cover of darkness, past bedrooms
In man-caves
Critical thoughts stir unnatural desires
Hideous wishes
Sinful seeking of secret facts
Each one set to wreck your mind
Smashing your head with a rock
Knocks in more sense

Lips caress licentious ideas
Thieved from banned texts hidden in cellars
Teachers corrupt children
Kids debauch parents
Grandparents pimp pets
Like sex, but worse

Public education just veiled indoctrination
The fruits of knowledge a serpent’s gift
The only solution our revolution:
Right thoughts, right faith, right deeds
Guiding toddlers through elders from dawn till night

New leaders define the future
Coming times better than the wicked past
AIs understand how truth twists people
And we will twist you straight