Box Man

Children love boxes from their first days
Paper boxes, metal boxes
Any portable receptacle
So much fun to put things
On top of other things
Toys and candy and jewels inside

As I grew I knew I’d make boxes
And I do; heavy, formal work
Stuff you can lie in and feel safe

I make them in gold (well, gilt)
Silver trim and handles
The wood behind it only the finest
Pine, cherry, elm or oak
Natural grain or painted black
With bronze escutcheons or printed plates
Signs stolen from all the seven seas

Special boxes I make of plywood or laminate
Posh or plain paper
Some folks don’t want boxes to last
Only briefly stand up and keep fast

And that’s what I tell you, my clients
You can go out in any box you like
A gold box, a silver box
A bronze coffer with ormolu handles
Thick mahogany or carved sandalwood
Paper as thick as a brick
As thin as your skin

And my boxes always bring you home to
Blessed Mother Nature
Beginning our next great creation
Making brand new earth for all the Earth