Average Bureaucrat

Average Bureaucrat

I believe in survival
I believe fear keeps you alive
Survival fits best who fits well

I believe in free will
We are not free to do as we wish
Never freed from power

I believe that if rivers roll upward
You glide in their currents
Struggle to swim to the source

I believe in holes in hearts, not heads
Hearts are meant to pump blood
Blood revives through loyalty and money

I believe in doing the job
In proving useful
Knowing whom to use

I believe that when laying out roads
Design dead ends and tight exits
Leave and see who gets stuck

I believe that futility promotes fertility
Deepens inventive power
Helps you explain what should not be

I believe in strict financial theories
For those without money
Let them see why they can’t be helped

I believe in watching mens’ eyes
Mapping where they move
Planning routes to get there soon

I believe that what is inevitable
Can prove ignorable
When things end, you end last

I believe in a future
As long as this instant
And every instant is a success