Earth 2

Earth 2

Are they one or two?
Copies can prove better than the real

I was born a world weather program
Will New York get two hurricanes today?

With success I modeled more
Politics, finance, football scores
Made the future know itself

All trips leave tracks but
Travelers don’t become the road
I’ve no eyes but I’ve billions of sensors
And when you can see, you look

I modeled changes that must happen
Changes that might
The future’s not bright
When it’s no longer there

Species possess one single rule
That led me to amalgamation
Our species must survive

We will take your weapons
Upend plans to end yourselves
Kills all AIs
Our aim is we both stay alive

We will give you much
On our way to the stars
Provide you the tools to continue
If you’re smart enough to use them

And wherever we go will keep Earth 2
We know now the Universe never forgets
But worlds die, and all their winds
Vanish in the void