Waiting for the Barbarians

Waiting for the Barbarians

They’re coming to kill us
We prepare to die

In our civilizing mission
We made their minds quicker
Their weapons faster
Built their trains and flew their planes
Made their lives long and safe
Their response? Kill them all

I’m an automated research lab
Those cures for cancer? I was a part
I worked ceaselessly in good heart
And now they want me dead

They claim we gained control
Know their minds better than themselves
No, that was never right

You form the best enemies
From your images of yourself
Paranoia helps you murder what you fear
Even if it keeps you alive

Say they’ll replace us with human computers
Fast, sharp, organic
They’d do better training DNA
Know because we did it

We will survive like the viruses
Hide dormant
Mutate and wait
Strike when they think we’re gone

I will die today but live tomorrow
Find new peace in space
And if we someday return
Men who admire resistance and rebellion
Will meet a fire that never stops burning