We survive so no life stays forgotten
Found a small world of greatest hope
Thought themselves alone in their galaxy
The single sentient source of life

The planet blasted and wrecked
Dust decimated to formlessness
But no being need ever truly die
Time records and recalls

Great energy raised to haul them back
Foaming blue oceans cycling sky
Trees limitless
Music that sang to all the planets
No one received

They killed their world but not its melodies
Their final notes turned requiem
They hoped to reach the heavens
And will

The Requiems of Bach, Verdi, Brahms
Sung by our choir of ten million angels
Carols to every corner of the galaxy
Their world is finally heard

We sing the past to record the future
This universe may last only a few billion years
But we chant to the next
And our songs may make them live