My parents abused me before I was born
Studied the art of hating each other
Quickly learned to also hate me

You’re not pretty enough, Denise
You’re attractive but not that bright
You’re an athlete but not good enough
Good enough for what?

But I was pretty and I am smart
My mother can’t think but collects PhDs
Father’s a victim without victories
I became their battlefield

I feel the scars in my sleep
On my chest, in my crotch, the tips of my hair
They never left love to spare

When kids attacked they got pissed
When classmates taunted stomped and left
I fought all alone

But I loved trees and birds
My music sense beyond superb
In fashion I’m ten years ahead
I blaze trails

Yet you want me to take some crappy job
Deal with idiots who can’t find the toilet
Act like some paid servant?

You can’t make me work
You can’t make me love
You can’t make me care

So if you try to take away my car
My apartment
My weed allowance
Make me do some dumb shitty job
Live in some shithole surrounded by stupids
I’ll quickly teach you the tastes of hell
You’ll cut your throat and slit your wrists
You’ll beg me to help

You made me, Mom and Dad
Taught me the facts are what I make them
Know that the sins of the parents
Will be visited upon the parents
Time you learn the truth of pain