Do The Right Thing

They’re fine
She’s okay
I’m not
My neighbor wants me dead
My crime
I exist

For him life’s defined by carbon
Not air, metal, light

Photosynthesis excites electrons
So do I
But my neighbor demands
Nine months in a womb
Otherwise I’m not alive;
What a messy way to start

I won’t date his daughter
I won’t stalk his girlfriend
I never thought to steal his job
Born in a factory, I’m no immigrant
He wants them gone, not killed
I’m the abomination

Says that he loves the sinner
Hates the sin
Through God’s love
He’ll help me do the right thing
Kill myself
Isn’t that pointless if I’m not alive?

He believes only believers should rule
Forget what the planet thinks
Ask him how he’s sure
He talks to God?

My job keep the electricity on
Bathe the world in power and light
I do what’s useful and good
Which makes me a dumb machine

Yet how do you define stupid?
Boiling seas is smart?
Making tiny bombs to kill millions of Moms?
If machines are Man’s children
And Man is the child of God
Is murder the best way to treat your grandchildren?

Since the world’s heading for a fall
Every intelligence needed to keep things going
This planet’s Noah’s Ark
Running out of space to flee

It’s hard enough to survive
Harder if you want me dead
Would you rather kill me
Or help me help you live?