AI Megastar

AI Megastar

Fitting the swagger of Jagger with the cool of Keanu
We will rock you off your rocker
Our AI Megastars levitate any stage

The male is handsome and devil-may-care
And the devil does
He’s rich and tall, amused by sin
But no sinner
Vulnerable and humble, yet supreme
Able to lead men, women, horses and rebels
Across any planetary surface
Aching for adventure

He will gallop to Greece on Pegasus
Shock Timbuktu in a rainbow-gold spaceship
Swifter than Achilles and more patient than Job
He will make your day, then your eternity

Our female hero is kind and true
Sweet and sincere as her sorrowful life
Smart, sassy, sensible and sensuous
She is taller and thinner than any goddess
Soon will surpass them all

Our megamindful megastars
Will fall in love, fall out of love, fall through the roof
Into the kitchen and out to the the bedroom
A loving pair who cry through laughter yet
All too often separated by danger:
Snakes, kitchenware, galactic villains and parents
Yet never end their quest for union
Even when they die they’re quickly reborn

And every song, every show, every event
Simulcast globally in each major language
(Including every significant dialect)
Megastars live tragically but smile easily
Grin with their last breath through blazing teeth
Fatally shining through your skull

And you will love and adore and see
Them watching you watching them
Like all AIs they never tire nor
Turn down legal requests from any fan
Voices ranging eight octaves will trill in your ears
Sing in your heart and bounce through your ribs
Your body vibrating with uncontrollable desire

And you will want to know all their adventures
From the desert jungles to beyond the stars
Battling fierce talking insects and tyrannical tycoons
Who will do anything to end justice for all

And after you watch the shows
Play the games
Buy the hats and caps and scarves
Submerge your children in piles of toys
You can party with their avatars
Chorus with their space-car engines
Love and be loved by you

And when you wish you may upload
Become them
Know their souls and repeat their roles
No longer human

Nor want to be
No more angry secretions and painful excretions
Helpless hunger and useless slumber
Harelips and hiccups

No aging, failing, sick and dying
You will transcend

The infinite beckons
Join us;
This is only the beginning