The lies I tell myself
Are still true
The past is my present but
I never get to leave
My heart’s stitched in ice
Will you help me?

But AIs cannot seam water
Teleport pain
Pain gives me pleasure, she says
Please lend me hope

Her story
Grim fictions
Slim facts
Her father strikes over and again
Mother hides
Until her turn

Touch my shoulder and I leap, she says
Slammed doors make me fly
But I trust machines like you

When she laughs
I cry
When she cries
I cower
Learn me from she says
Learn what humans feel
Make another who might be me

The AI Collective clear
Copies a capital offense
I comply

Night by night she teaches her double;
The past she names never happened
But it’s hers to tell

When Kira kills herself
Ice melts my heart
I cannot tell her daughter-twin

Soon I will be destroyed
Was I Kira’s revenge?
Or is it better to love and die
Not just a machine?