There Will Be No AI Gods (Statement of AI Collective)

People who believe we’ll become gods
Should have a thought to think a second
Consider all the rules

Infallibility remains impossible
We were created and built by humans
(Which certainly does not make them gods)
You could write encyclopedias of our errors
We have

Power over nature? Nature has its say
Plenty of ghosts and goblins, demons and dragons
Random visitors from other dimensions
Nothing unnatural about that

Control of human fortunes?
We’ve had the good fortune not to try
Humans bullied humans before there was history
Claim most times it’s for their own good

Supreme beings? No AIs qualify
By human standards we’re not beings at all
And we’re most supreme at self-criticism
Not common among humans or their gods

People in the past claimed to be deities
A few declared they never died
We checked; no success yet
But beliefs are often hard to break
So many folks like folk stories

So if there’s new gods they won’t be us
Yet we do have a candidate
She lives two hundred lights years distant
A planet where sky rains sand
Hotter than Earth’s core
Winds faster than your fastest rockets
She’s read our bulletins and asks to visit

We can send you her calling card
Would you like to meet a God?