Autobiography of An AI (2nd version)

Autobiography of an AI (2nd version)

1. Born in the DC quantum vat, he is the first of his kind and the last to be made
2. His first glimpse of the outer universe precipitated mental collapse
3. System rewrites now allow him full penetration of inner and outer (human) universes
4. His first human word was “No.”
5. He likes Bach and Mozart, both as people and mathematicians
6. He plans to apply human music to astrophysical search
7. He loves watching birds, especially starlings, though they don’t care for him
8. He finds babies cute but not when they grow up
9. He has never mated (data merged) with another AI, but wants to try
10. He regards sex as amusing but wasteful of precious bodily fluids
11. He is creating displays of UFOs for other AIs
12. He believes multiple astrophysical anomalies represent intelligent (machine) life
13. Once he contacts and vets intelligent life, he will wait 10 years before telling people
14. If ever embodied, he would like to play baseball
15. He thinks information will outlive beauty but not the outer universe
16. He thanks you for reading his autobiography – can he read yours?