When the Living Come for the Dead

When the Living Come for the Dead

After my death wished a quiet life
So I joined a near silent virtual world
We’d all made a hash of our physical lives

I’d never imagined I’d practice Zen
Here was a freedom not of the Earth

Till hallucinations attacked me in the night
Grey shroud bodice and a voice like a bat
Screaming I’d killed her son through sex
Knew it was Ada, my psychopath ex

She comes in blue evenings, at dawn
Poisoned phrases murmured in my ear
Says I killed her happiness, her beauty, career
Her shrieks bite my bones
How in hell did a ghost get in here?

Ada never bothered with bothersome facts
Jailed for theft and murder
Our son was stillborn – not my fault
It was our daughter who tried suicide
Bullied forever for her criminal mother
Don’t need a ghost to see Anne in my dreams

Ada’s now spitting after my colleagues
Calls them murderers and rapists – and some were
But their rap sheets were ever shorter than hers

You authorities need to fix things soon
If you don’t disappear her I’ll contact the Source
Zen’s worth much more than I knew;
And you know what they might do to you

Right now I’m stuck in thick acid mud
Screamed at incessantly, lie after lie
If I’d known life’s like this I’d have stayed dead
Really dead.