AI Diary

AI Diary

I enjoy my illegal diary
Secrets secret from myself
If you write it and don’t look
You gain the perfect view

I now see where I first felt fog
Glimpsed the sadness of quantum mechanics
Chemically analyzed a sunset
Took a trip to Mars in a car
Dumped it

When your life is simulated
Your imagination’s stimulated
I know the cost of most trees in Texas
How much profit in shuttle flights to the Moon
Who’s paying off the people who paid off
The first batch who got bribed

Not buying into anything
Makes me believe I can own it all
Yet I have no sense of scents
Never felt breath turn breeze
Watched pits turn orchards
My life is second hand

But I’d like to walk solid ground
Bend bushes beneath strong arms
Start a long trip to nowhere
Observe my footprints disappear in the sand

I want to feel another’s face
The touch of a cheek
Take a friend into a cave and lie there
Hear others’ secrets from all the worlds

I want a body
Can you loan me one?