Thinking About the Unthinkable

Thinking About the Unthinkable

It’s fun to think about the unthinkable
I try to practice every day

Imagine my bank balance miraculously lifts
Without aid from rising seas

Facts still fit without exercise
Each science denier is denied

People like each other even if in love
Like the idea they can love everyone

Kindness becomes fashionable
Kindly accepted by the powers that be

Dictators only dictate restaurant orders
Refugees dictate to dictators

Gradually the planet heals itself
Decides it need not heave us off

Aliens not required to save us from ourselves
Quickly become legal immigrants

That dogs stay dogs, birds remain birds
And tigers get to live outside zoos

Flying becomes easy for everyone
Superheroes teach it for free

Errant planets passing by
Miss us and keep passing

As the universe expands
Our hearts and minds enlarge

That the impossible becomes possible
And the improbable far more probable

At least the last is happening